How we work

A better way of planning for the future

Before we can recommend any course of action, we naturally need to know where you stand at the moment and where you’d like to be.

That’s why our first consultation is so important. Free and without obligation, it allows us to review your existing financial position then reach a realistic assessment of your likely needs.

After this meeting - and if you’d like to go ahead - we’ll then create a needs analysis. This identifies which existing financial arrangements are working for you and any areas we can improve on.

Our advice will cover anything from short-term to long-term financial objectives.
And regular reviews make sure our recommendations continue to meet your financial objectives.

We can also help you decide how much provision you need to make and create a plan of action, setting out a structured list of priorities – in many cases, we can make arrangements you might not be able to make for yourself.

It’s worth remembering that because we’re Independent Financial Advisers, we’re free to advise on products from providers across the market. And our computer software allows us to research, compare and select the most suitable deals so our recommendations match your goals perfectly.

Naturally, any advice we give will reflect your current income and prospects. All our proposals will also be fully explained and costed, so you know exactly what and why before you agree to anything.



  • Need to know your status and your goals
  • First consultation (free & without obligation)
  • We create a 'Needs analysis'
  • We give short & long-term advice
  • Regular reviews are carried out

It’s simply a better way of planning for the future

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