About us

The best possible independent financial advice

In 1994, Edwin Lane brought together a team of highly committed individuals to create Lane Wealth Management.

The aim? To provide the best possible independent financial advice and genuinely intelligent investment solutions.

Focusing on lifestyle planning and wealth management, these solutions are invaluable if you’re retired or approaching retirement, run your own business or are independently wealthy.

Our approach is so effective because we work hard with you to create your Financial Vision and then set out a Roadmap to help you achieve it.


In effect, we help you reach your lifetime financial goals.

Of course, financial products don’t always offer the complete solution. After all, diversification is crucial and it often pays to look beyond just stock market investments. The Roadmap we create for you will therefore be flexible enough to meet your long-term goals.

Lane Wealth Management. We’re here to help you make the financial decisions today that create a brighter future for tomorrow.

The best possible independent financial advice

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Edwin Lane

"Our passion, work ethic and commitment to excellence means we offer an unparalleled proposition and truly imaginative wealth management solutions"

Principal, Lane Wealth Management